WV Senate Health and Human Resources Committee passes three bills: SB 273, HB 2029, HB 2018

By Matt Young, WV Press Association CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The Senate Health and Human Resources Committee, on Thursday, heard testimony regarding SB 273, which addresses the allocation of child protective services (CPS) workers in individual counties. As explained by Senate Counsel Cindy Dellinger, the introduced bill realigns, “the Office of the Bureau for Social Services […]

THE BACK PEW: ‘Politics has become personal’

back pew baldwin

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV January 26, 2023 Someone once told me, “Everything is political. Except politics, and it’s personal.” Truer words were never spoken.  The increasingly-visible drama unfolding under the golden dome right now can be boiled down into those two categories–political and personal.  POLITICAL. Here’s the dirty little secret most everyone in the capitol […]

Senate passes bill limiting public access to government documents

By Matthew Young, RealWV CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The W.Va. Senate, on Thursday, passed SB 21 – which seeks to change the status of certain documents currently designated as public information.  “On construction contracts that require prevailing wage, the construction contractors are required to submit certified payroll reports to the appropriate agencies so that the government […]