EDITORIAL: Lawmakers must decide how to best protect special-needs children

By Matthew Young, RealWV The House Judiciary Committee, on Wednesday, spent a significant amount of time debating HB 3042, also known as the “Equal Protection for Religion Act.” The bill, which looks to prohibit “government limitations on exercise of religion,” is considered to be so controversial that a public hearing to debate the matter further […]

SUNDAY SERMON–Unprepared & Overwhelmed

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OLD TESTAMENT: Genesis 2.15-17, 3.1-7 NEW TESTAMENT: Matthew 4.1-11 When Jesus went into the unknown wilderness, he seemed so prepared.  Like fasting that long was water off his back.  No problem.  And when the accuser tried to throw him for a loop, he seemed so underwhelmed.  Like he already knew the temptations […]

Champions for children

Mentors for Communities in School provide a “priceless presence”  By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV February 26, 2023 A teenager entirely responsible for her household–grocery shopping, doing laundry, cooking meals.  A child putting himself to bed each night.  A child with no one to help her do homework.  A child not knowing who he will come home […]