James Monroe High School Honorary Secretaries of State

James Monroe High School Seniors Braydie Carr and Luke Jackson were recognized as
Honorary Secretaries of State for their efforts in registering 100% of the eligible members of the
Senior Class to vote. This qualified JMHS for the Jennings Randolph Award, named for the U.S.
Senator from West Virginia who spearheaded the effort to lower the voting age to eighteen. WV
Secretary of State Mac Warner spoke with the students in his office and accompanied them to the
Senate chamber, where they were recognized at the behest of Senate President Craig Blair and
Senators Jack Woodrum and Vince Deeds.

Honorary Secretaries of State Luke Jackson and Braydie Carr with WV Secretary of State Mac
Warner in the WV Senate Gallery on March 9.

Registering to vote is only the first step, however. Failing to take the next step and
actually vote denies our community, state, and country the voices it needs to accurately reflect
the population. Voter participation in our community was only 49% in the 2022 mid-term
elections. Let’s keep the momentum these young leaders have started going!


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