Bill seeking to change state’s name to ‘Pepperoni’ defeated by Smoopert Legislators

By Matthew Young, RealWV CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Students from both Rupert and Smoot elementary schools, on Friday, while debating in the Senate Chamber, narrowly voted down a bill seeking to change the state’s name from West Virginia, to Pepperoni.  The bill was defeated, in large part, as the result of former Senator Rich Lindsay’s impassioned […]

Ginger and Joel’s journey continues as the 10% Tour reaches Maryland

By Matthew Young, Real WV “It’s been great. Yesterday was just amazing. I was on a main road – Route 5, which is a tough one. There’s commercial traffic and tractor-trailers, and there’s debris all over the side of the road you’re trying to dodge. But then I find a trail that runs parallel to […]

WVU researcher prototypes new equipment to improve head and neck cancer treatment

By WVUToday, Head and neck cancer may not be as common as breast or prostate cancer, but it’s one of the most challenging to treat. Its five-year survival rate can be as low as 25%, while its recurrence rate can be as high as 43%. West Virginia University researcher Raymond Raylman has developed a new technology to improve […]

Chef Chad Jones bringing food to The Sportsman Tavern 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV You wanted a food option at the newly-reopened Sportsman Tavern in Ronceverte? You got Chef Chad Jones and Flavor Mutt’s Sourdough Shop!  Chad and his wife Jennifer, who works the The Hub, moved to the area recently after owning their own restaurant in Virginia. Chad is a sourdough specialist and will […]

Warmer temps bring grass cutting and thunderstorms

By Jason Christian, Blue Weather & RealWV Welcome to another week in our lovely state! Warmer temps above eighty degrees are possible this week along with some thunderstorms. Check out the full details in the video below!