Smailes family set to open the Rainelle Deli & Marketplace 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Beth Smailes is a woman on a mission. She wants to bring fresh, simple food to Rainelle with the help of her family and friends. 

“Technically we’re not a food desert, but we really are,” she observes.  

That’s why Beth and Mary Surbaugh started a Farmer’s Market in Rainelle several years ago. They wanted to ensure residents had access to local produce that was affordable and nutritious. 

“People love the market,” says Beth. “We’ve sold beef and produce for years. I just decided I need to do something more in town, so I’m opening a deli & marketplace.”

Greenbrier County Commissioner Tammy Tincher, of Rainelle, is thrilled with this new business opening. “New business, new energy, new life,” she says. “It is refreshing to have new businesses come to the area, and having watched this one in particular come to life is inspiring. The Smailes are such special people!”

Located at 707 Main Street (across from City National Bank on Route 60), the Rainelle Deli & Marketplace will sell beef, pork, and chicken from Sunset View Farms, operated by Beth and her husband C.J. Smailes. In addition, they will sell Amish bulk foods. 

Those are just the grocery items you can buy. The deli will also feature soup, salads, and sandwiches each day. 

“If you’re looking for fancy food, this isn’t it,” Beth jokes. “We want basic, not-greasy food.” 

This summer, she will offer a full selection of fresh produce items in the shop, but that doesn’t mean the Farmer’s Market is closing. 

“There will still be a Farmer’s Market in town on Fridays,” she says. “People go for the atmosphere, and that won’t change.” 

Customers will now have the opportunity to buy fresh foods regularly, direct from the producer. Beth plans to open the doors on Saturday, April 15. Her normal hours will be 10am-6pm. She will announce what days she plans to open in the near future. 

Stay tuned to RealWV for updates. 


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