James Monroe High School Earns Jennings Randolph Award

James Monroe High School (JMHS) was recognized this week as a Jennings Randolph Award winning school for the 2022-23 school year. Due to the hard work of the Student Body Vice President Luke Jackson and Senior Class President Braydie Carr JMHS met the standard to earn the award by registering over 85% of the eligible members of the Senior Class to vote. During a school assembly, West Virginia Secretary of State Field Representative Lee Dean presented the Award on behalf of Secretary of State Mac Warner. The school’s 2022-23 Honorary Secretaries of State, Braydie Carr and Luke Jackson, accepted the award. Special thanks and recognition also went to JMHS Youth Leadership Alliance leader Mrs. Ashley Mann for this achievement.

Honorary Secretaries of State Luke Jackson and Braydie Carr with Mr. Lee Dean of the WV
Secretary of State’s office with the Jennings Randolph Award. Photo courtesy of the WV SoS’s

Registering to vote is only the first step, however. Failing to take the next step andactually vote denies our community, state, and country the voices it needs to accurately reflect the population. Voter participation in our community was 49% in the 2022 mid-term elections. Let’s keep the momentum these young leaders have started going!


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