Community Baby Shower in Rupert on May 31, registration required now 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

It’s a tradition for families to “shower” parents with gifts when they are expecting a child. But some parents who lack family support miss out on these important traditions. So the Greenbrier County Family Support Center (FSC) is stepping in to provide a Community Baby Shower. 

Who is eligible? Any parents that are pregnant or have a child that is less than one year old. 

When is it? May 31 from 11am-1pm. 

Where? On the campus of The Marvel Center at 138 Cranberry Avenue in Rupert. 

What will happen? Parents will receive training in safe sleep, gifts to help raise their children, a hot lunch, and a free pack-n-play! 

Who hosts the shower? It’s a partnership between The Marvel Center, Greenbrier County Schools, Right from the Start, Family Refuge Center, Family Resource Network, and the Family Support Center. 

“Registration is required,” says Lesley Toliver, Director of the FSC. “Just give us a call at 304-647-8980.” 

Once 50 people have registered to attend, registrations will be stopped as the event will be at capacity. 


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