ASK THE DOC—How often do I need a COVID booster?

QUESTION How often should I be getting COVID boosters?

ANSWER: According to the latest data available from the CDC, most people only need one bivalent Covid-19 booster.  However, adults 65 and older are eligible for a 2nd bivalent booster dose if it has been 4 months since their first booster.  Immunocompromised individuals should have a 2nd bivalent booster if it has been more than 2 months since their first bivalent booster dose.  Keep in mind, these recommendations have changed frequently over the past few years and it is important for everyone to stay up to date with the latest developments by making an appointment with their primary care provider for specific instructions.  Additional information is available on the CDC website.

This question from a reader was answered by Jesse Chaffin, MD. He practices at Robert C. Byrd Clinic in Lewisburg.


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