West Virginia rockers prove its better to burn out than fade away

By Matthew Young, RealWV

Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen…

It’s been a long Journey for Hair Supply bassist Philthy Trenches, but he’s never stopped believin’. 

Along with fellow axe-blaster Weedles Von Frankenberry, Trenches formed Hair Supply in 2018 as a way to ensure that the rock n’ roll legacy of the 1980s’ lives on for future generations. It is a calling which, at various times, has been both blessing and curse for Trenches. Although the band’s physical manifestation came into existence a mere five years ago, Trenches has been plagued by the rock n’ roll demon since Sebastian Bach uttered the dying gasps of the arena-hero era, and Marky Mark’s less-talented brother ushered in what may be music’s darkest period to date. 

“Weedles and I had this concept 20 years ago, and we auditioned a few singers,” Trenches told The RealWV ahead of Friday night’s show at Charleston’s Haddad Riverfront Park – the show which served as the kick off to the band’s 2023 ‘We Probably Know Your Mom’ Tour.  “We just couldn’t find anybody who had that vocal range, so we put the idea away.”

Hair Supply performing at Charleston’s Haddad Riverfront on May 26. Video by Matthew Young, RealWV.

As a tribute band covering some of the most dynamic voices ever contained on cassette, Hair Supply was in search of a crooner with the shrill pitch of Axl Rose, the rugged gruffness of Bryan Adams, and the melancholic romance of Robert Smith. 

Although put away, the shared dream of Trenches and Von Frankenberry was never completely forgotten. And while it took nearly two decades – much like the untrappable fire phoenix – their shared dream rose from the ashes of Taylor Swift’s love life in the form of a 26-year-old vocalist named Pipes Vidovich. 

“I heard him sing a little bit one day and thought, ‘Wow! That guy’s got some range!” Trenches told us. “He (Vidovich) said, ‘Well I do these YouTube videos where I do covers of 80s’ songs,’ and my ears perked up.”

Trenches said that while Vidovich had never before performed with a band, there was no denying how talented the young singer was. 

“I drug him, kicking and screaming, into the concept of Hair Supply,” Trenches noted. With Vidovich now in place, the band was rounded out with heavy metal sitarist and harpsicordian (guitarist and keyboardist) Seymour Tayle, as well as drummer Jazz McVanderhalen. 

Hair Supply (L-R: Seymour Tayle, Pipes Vidovich, Jazz McVanderhalen, Weedles Von Frankenberry, and Philthy Trenches) on stage at Charleston’s Haddad Riverfront Park on May 26. Photo by Matthew Young, RealWV.

Now five years into the preservation of one decade’s musical legacy, Trenches is as far removed as he can be from the day he bought a beat up six string in a secondhand store. After 20 years, Hair Supply, it would seem, is finally poised to conquer the rock n’ roll landscape of the Mountain State.

“We took a step forward last year with the Sternwheel Regatta – we opened for Rick Springfield,” Trenches recalled. “That’s really when things blew up for us. We had a really good show. It just went really, really well.”

Their authentic stage attire, coupled with their in-you-face performance style, has seen Hair Supply become West Virginia’s most sought after glam-rock cover band. However, it took something special for the band to earn a sponsorship from the HD Media Family of Newspapers – something that was as true to the band’s founding principles as leather pants and Aqua Net.

“The band is as much visual as it is musical,” Trenches said. “We really get into the visual aspects of 80s’ culture and fashion. People can expect a lot of energy at our shows.”

“We do our best to perform these songs as accurately as possible,” Trenches noted. “If we’re covering a Poison song, or a Ratt song, or a Whitesnake song, we perform the arrangements that are on the records.”

“We try to make it an 80s’ experience,” Trenches added.

Seymour Tayle and Weedles Von Frankenberry on stage at Charleston’s Haddad Riverfront Park on May 26. Photo by Matthew Young, RealWV.

Next up for Hair Supply is a gig at the West Virginia Freedom Festival in Logan, on June 22, where the band will play an opening set for Adrenalize – a Def Leppard tribute act. For a complete list of show dates on the 2023 We Probably Know Your Mom Tour, visit hairsupply.live. For booking inquiries, contact Georgetta Thevenin at gthevenin@hdmediallc.com

For those about rock at a Hair Supply show this summer, we salute you. Throw them horns in the air, and get ready to party like it’s 1985. 


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