New Russellville Bridge installed on Meadow River Trail

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Back in 2015, local officials gathered to celebrate the restoration of the Russellville Bridge. It was destroyed in the flood of 2016. Now, as part of construction of the Meadow River Trail, the bridge is being fully replaced and raised by five feet. Two of three pieces were installed last week, and the final piece is set to be installed in the next few days.

“It’s great to see the new and improved bridge being lifted into place!” comments Matt Ford, Project Coordinator for the Meadow River Trail in Greenbrier and Fayette counties. “Great work by Chapman Technical Group, A.L.L. Concrete, and the Fayette County Commission.”

Ford says contractors have some dirt work to do before setting the final section of bridge in place later this week.

Replacement of this bridge completes Phase 2 of the Meadow River Trail. Phase 3 begins this fall. According to John Schoolcraft, Landscape Architect with E.L. Robinson Engineering, Phase 3 includes an entry pavilion at the Rainelle head of the trail, signage and benches along the trail, parking improvements, rock sculptures, culvert replacements, slope repairs, and two small bridge replacements.

Ford worked to assemble funding from multiple sources over the last few years to cover the cost. In total, the Meadow River Trail is nearly a $6 million project. Phase 1 came in at a cost of $2 million, Phase 2 cost $1.3 million, and Phase 3 is estimated at $2 million. Funding sources include FEMA, WV Transportation Alternative Safety Program, Greenbrier County Commission, Fayette County Commission, and state economic development funds secured by former Senator Stephen Baldwin.

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