PSC Schedules Evidentiary and Public CommentHearings in APCo and WPCo ENEC Cases


CHARLESTON, WV – The Public Service Commission of West Virginia has scheduled hearings for three cases affecting Appalachian Power Company and Wheeling Power Company rates.

On April 28, 2023, Commission Staff filed the Independent Technical Prudency Review of the Actions Affecting the Operations of Amos, Mountaineer, and Mitchell Coal Plants (Prudency Report). The report was ordered by the Commission in both the 2021 and 2022 Expanded Net Energy Cost (ENEC) cases. This Order reopens those two cases for the specific purpose of accepting testimony on the Prudency Report. The Order also initiates the 2023 ENEC rate review for the companies, in which they petitioned for a rate increase of approximately $641.7 million. This Order requires the current level of ENEC rates to remain in effect until further Order of the Commission in this case.

The Commission has set four public comment hearings and the evidentiary hearings for all three cases. The public comment hearings will be held on July 11 in Huntington, July 12 in Princeton, July 24 in Charleston and August 21 in Wheeling. Announcements with details about times and locations will be sent closer to the scheduled date of each public comment hearing.

“We are looking forward to having these opportunities to meet face-to-face with the public,” said PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane. “We highly value the feedback from the public when making decisions on cases such as these.”

The evidentiary hearing for the 2021 and 2022 ENEC cases, which deal with the Prudency Report, will be held beginning September 5 at PSC headquarters in Charleston. The evidentiary hearing for the 2023 ENEC case, which deals with under-recovery balances, will begin immediately after the conclusion of the first hearing and will conclude by September 8.

More information on these cases can be found on the PSC website: by accessing Case Nos. 21-0339-E-ENEC, 22-0393-E-ENEC and 23-0377-E-ENEC.


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