Pet parade includes snake, turtle, & dogs…oh my!

By RealWV staff,

Led by a 21-year old turtle serving as grand marshall, pets from across the Greenbrier Valley marched through a parade during the Ronceverte River Festival on Saturday morning. 

“Welcome to our pet parade,” announced organizer Michelle Jones. “We are looking for the cutest of the cute!” 

Local citizens presented their pets before the crowd and a panel of three judges. They shared their pet’s name, best quality, favorite activity, and special talent.

Dogs comprised most entries, running the gamut from an 11-year old farm dog named Daisy to a golden retriever puppy named Marshallow to a chocolate labrador named Bo. 

But there were also a few unique entries. Tiboa, a 6-year old chill python who enjoys posing for pictures, came to meet the other pets and take selfies with children.

Bart, a 21-year old red-eared-slider (turtle) who enjoys sunbathing, came to serve as grand marshall of the parade. Her owner–yes, Bart is a girl…which the owners discovered around age 13 after always thinking she was a male when she surprisingly laid eggs–carried her through the parade to set a pace appropriate to all the dogs following behind with tails wagging.  

After introducing each entrant to the crowd, the judges met with each one individually. Then Bart began the parade through the crowded main corridor of the festival. Adults and children alike clapped and waved as they smiled at the four-legged bundles of joy! 

Each entrant received a doggy gift bag for their participation. The judges declared that they were all “very good boys and girls” before handing out a few specific awards. 

Milkbud won Best Eyes. Marshmallow won Good Boy. Peep won Good Girl. River won Best Kisser. Bella won Best Dressed. 

Seneca Trail Animal Hospital sponsored the parade. You can catch the full event broadcast on the Greenbrier Valley Channel. 


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