Nicholas County Schools prepping plans for FEMA on funding for new buildings

By Jarett Lewis, WV MetroNews

NICHOLAS COUNTY, W.Va. — Officials and lawyers from Nicholas County Schools met again with FEMA officials.

The two sides met at the Nicholas County Board Office Friday, June 9, with schools officials introducing a handful of plans that differentiate from their initial plan with FEMA regarding funding for their new schools being built and how the funding could be dispersed.

“We discussed possible scenarios to submit to FEMA so that we could change the remediated plan,” said Nicholas County School Board President Chip Perrine.

An initial meeting with NCS and FEMA happened earlier in that week on Tuesday, June 6.

Perrine said they expect to have finalized versions of their plans ready for FEMA to look at by the end of June. The plans will be considered by their lawyer and the new Nicholas County Superintendent Terrance Beam, who was just appointed to the role following the resignation of Donna Burge-Tetrick.

“There were several options on the table, but at this point they’re just options, nothing is set in stone,” Perrine said.

The next meeting between Nicholas County Schools and FEMA is scheduled for July 3.

“We’re moving as fast as we can on our end,” he said.

Plus, there’s still a need for more money for these schools. Nicholas County officials met with the governor’s office and the the state School Building Authority Friday, June 2. School officials had said they $72 million short in their budget for the school projects.

“Once again we’ve had to find more money, and it doesn’t look like anybody is willing to give us any money,” said Perrine.

President Perrine said FEMA was remaining flexible about the entire situation.

“They encouraged us to get some plans together,” Perrine said. “They know the cost of building things and how hard it is with supply and demand on certain items.”

Perrine added that there was only one bid put in by a contractor for their projects, something else that hasn’t gone in their favor in getting their new schools built for their students.


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