Greenbrier County Commission approves Home Confinement renovations, arts & rec grant funding

By Matthew Young, RealWV

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – The Greenbrier County Commission, on Tuesday, approved the hiring of a new security officer for the County Courthouse, before signing an agreement with Adam Whanger Contracting to perform necessary exterior repairs to the county’s Home Confinement building in Ronceverte. 

The total cost of repairs is estimated to be $7,920. During the commission’s May 24 meeting, Commissioner Lowell Rose requested that Whanger provide a supplemental estimate for the removal of two trees from the property. However, those trees have since been removed by city personnel, making Whanger’s estimate of $890 no longer necessary.

Next before the commission was the consideration of two White Sulphur Springs TIF-related (Tax Increment Financing) payment resolutions: the Route 60 East Sewer Project, and the Mapledale Tank Project.

“These projects are not completed, but this is the beginning of the design, mapping, and environmental phases,” Commission President Tammy Tincher said. “This is the final design (for the Mapledale Tank Project) for $20,000 to E.L. Robinson (Engineering).”

“The second resolution is for the Route 60 East Sewer Project,” Tincher continued. “It is for an invoice showing $53,000 that includes design of $18,000, easement-mapping of $20,000, and environmental permitting of $15,000.”

The commission approved the payment resolutions before moving forward with approval of the Planning Commission’s proposed amendments to the 2014 Greenbrier County Comprehensive plan. 

“The Planning Commission has worked very hard to get this through,” Commissioner Blaine Phillips said. “I’ve worked along with them for the past six months, so I’m very proud to be presenting this for a vote today.”

Click here to view the amendment proposals submitted by the Greenbrier County Planning Commission. 

In further business, the commission approved the terms of settlement proposals with both Amneal Pharmaceuticals, and Mylan Pharmaceuticals as part of the state’s ongoing opioid litigation, and authorized the county’s payment of Arts and Recreation grants for the 2023/2024 academic year. 

“The commissioners met yesterday in a working-meeting to go through all of the applications that were received,” Tincher said. “The total amount requested was $558,700.89. All applicants received specifications on what is eligible and what is not eligible through that application process. We did receive some projects that are not eligible.”

“The total amount of approved project funding is $346,302.95,” Tincher added. “We also had an additional $19,865 that could be eligible, but we need to get some clarification from those entities on specifications.”

The last item before the commission was the second-reading, and ultimate approval of the revised Greenbrier County FloodPlain Ordinance, as well as a brief status report regarding the new FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) maps which will take effect next month. 

As explained by Greenbrier County Floodplain Manager Kelly Banton, “FEMA has gone through the process of doing their map and advertising public hearings, so they are done with all of that. These maps will be in effect July 5, 2023.”

“These areas have changed some that some people are in,” Banton added. “It is very important that they contact the office and we can help with that process.”

“If they are in (the floodplain) now, we can help guide them on things they can do to help minimize insurance cost based upon adjustments,” Banton said. “Maybe elevating their HVAC or adding flood vents, or whatnot. There are options.”

Click here to view the review Greenbrier County’s revised Floodplain Ordinance and new FEMA maps. 

The Greenbrier County Commission is next scheduled to meet on Tuesday, June 27 at 10 a.m.


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