Huggins’ daughter calls WVU leadership ‘hypocrites’

By RealWV staff,

In a post on social media this evening, Jacque Huggins (daughter of former WVU men’s basketball coach Bob Huggins) lashed out at the leadership of West Virginia University regarding her father’s resignation last weekend.

Bob Huggins was arrested and charged with DUI in Pittsburgh last Friday. According to media reports, he was also arrested for the same charge in 2004.

While accepting responsibility for her father’s mistake and conveying the seriousness of the DUI charge, she took issue with WVU’s handling of the situation.

“To Gordon Gee & your board, be better and do better. Throwing stones at glass houses is not how to represent such a great university. Treating someone like they don’t matter after they have given their whole heart to the university? You could have helped, but you chose to turn your backs…You’re the classless ones, the cowards, the backstabbers, and most of all the hypocrites…Remember the $24 million practice facility, that was not in any way funded by the university? Remember the $17 million into your hospitals for cancer research?”

She then shed new light on what happened behind the scenes Saturday following her father’s arrest on Friday night. She said her father wanted to remain as coach and offered to go to rehab for alcohol abuse. However, WVU leadership “refused” to consider that option. “100% no without a thought.”

Next, she described a scenario in which former Coach Huggins was “given 30 minutes to decide if he was being fired or retiring.”

She also took issue with the arrest report characterizing her father’s car as being covered with empty beer cans. “My dad collects cans to recycle. Always has, always will. That’s his thing.”

By way of conclusion, Jacque wrote, “I am fully aware of the mistake made…the way it was handled disgusts me. If this is how they treat one of their own then how will they treat anyone else?”

WVU leadership has yet to respond to the post by Jacque Huggins. Stay tuned to RealWV for updates.

Photo from the Facebook profile of Jacque Huggins.

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