SUNDAY SERMON: The boy who gave his lunch to Jesus

Rev. Stephen Baldwin

NT: John 6.1-15

The boy who gave his lunch to Jesus 

Everyone knows the story of Jesus feeding over 5,000 people with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. Nobody seems to remember where Jesus got the loaves and fish. It came from a little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus. But before we dive into that, you’ve got to realize what led to it. 

Jesus was on fire. Everywhere he went and everyone he met was wild about him. He performed miracle after miracle and had the whole countryside talking. Everyone wanted a piece of Jesus. Imagine a Taylor Swift concert. That’s what it was like for him every single day. 

And after a while, all Jesus wanted…was a break. He went up on a mountain to pray. By himself. Far away from the crowds below. 

But like a bunch of Swifties, they followed him up the mountain. They too grew tired…and hungry. But they had nothing to eat. Neither did the disciples. 

Jesus asks Philip, “Where can we buy some bread, so the people have food to eat?” 

Philip looks around, surely exasperated, and says, “C’mon man! We don’t have that kind of money. Look at how many people are here hungry!”

Then Andrew spots a little boy who brought his lunch with him. Five little loaves of bread and two fish. My kind of kid! He left the house prepared for the day. Brought his own food! Had enough for himself and maybe some to share with a few others. I never carry cash with me, but I always try and have food! Priorities, people. 

But I digress…Andrew spots the boy who brought his lunch. But he says, “That’s not enough.” 

Jesus instructs him, “Have everyone sit down.” And before long, you know how the story goes, everyone had their fill. Every single person. Because Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish? Yes, but also because a boy gave his lunch to Jesus. 

He could have said no. That’s my lunch. I prepared for this, and it’s not my fault no one else did. My blood sugar will dip too low! 

But instead, he selflessly gave his lunch to Jesus, so that everyone could eat. He didn’t receive any credit. Any praise. Any recognition. He just did it, because it was the right thing to do. 

The thing I love about this story is that no one in that crowd would’ve given that boy a second look that day. There was nothing special or different about him. He was just another boy in a crowd of thousands. No one could have imagined his little lunch bag carried the key not just to their day, but to the faith of billions of people then and into the future. 

God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The boy was an ordinary child, and God used his lunch to feed thousands physically and to feed billions spiritually. 

I’m particularly glad this story comes on youth sunday, because God is also using ordinary children today to do extraordinary things. We are all so proud of Noah, Caroline, Laken, Christian, Kinsley, Harrison, Owen, and Nora. And we cannot wait to see what wonderful things God has in store for their lives. Amen.


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