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Severe storms to enter WV from the west

By Jason Christian, Blue Weather & RealWV

Here’s the latest information from the Storm Prediction Center.
Day1 Severe thunderstorms producing damaging winds and hail are possible across a region from Illinois into Kentucky on Thursday. A couple tornadoes may also occur. West Virginia not affected day 1.

Day 2  OH/TN Valley region to central Appalachians…  Morning thunderstorms, potentially an organized MCS, will likely be ongoing Friday across the OH/TN valley region.

Day 3 Saturday potential for clusters capable of strong/damaging winds, may be ongoing and will influence subsequent development later in the day. Scattered thunderstorms are expected to develop or re-intensify during the afternoon near the front and potentially with any ongoing MCSs. Initially, a mix of supercell and multicell storms is expected with eventual transition into clusters with more concentrated wind damage potential. https://www.facebook.com/reel/482015437469307?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=9imq16

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