Summersville City Council discusses sidewalk project, swears in new police officer

By Matthew Young, RealWV

SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. – In what would be B.J. Smith’s first official meeting as a member, the Summersville City Council, on Monday, began their regular proceedings by swearing in new City Police Officer Garrett Groves. A veteran law enforcement officer, Groves previously served as a deputy with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department. 

In other business, Mayor Robert Shaffer re-appointed both Brandon Waters and Jim Epling to the Summersville Planning and zoning Commission, and Stevie LeRose to the Summersville Convention and Visitors Bureau. All three re-appointments are for a four-year term – expiring on June 30, 2027. Shaffer also appointed B.J. Smith to the Summersville Forestry Council. Smith will serve a three-year term, expiring on June 30, 2026. All four men also serve as members of the city council.

After a reminder was issued to residents regarding the “1% municipal sales tax,” which went into effect on July 1, Shaffer briefly addressed several additional points of business.

“We are finally going to get underway with the sidewalk project on Webster Road,” Shaffer said. “As a matter of fact, you’ll see some movement probably within the next month.”

“We did get an easement signed (by the Campbell family),” Shaffer added. “Our water line is going to go right down there through where the bushes are. So when you see the City of Summersville (workers), and they’re taking the bushes out – the bushes that have been there for I don’t know how long – as a part of the easement that we got from the Campbell family, that’s where our water line is going to go.”

Shaffer added that an arrangement has been reached with the affected utility companies for the relocation of two power poles in connection to the sidewalk project. 

Once the sidewalk project is completed, Shaffer noted, “It’s really going to allow foot traffic and bike traffic to be connected to the City of Summersville.”

Shaffer next invited residents to attend this week’s “Music at the Pavillion,” before offering a reminder that next week’s holding of the event will be postponed, because, as Shaffer explained, “Traditionally we take a week off for the fair.”

“I really encourage people to get out this year to the 98th Nicholas County Fair,” Shaffer said. “It starts on Wednesday (July) 19, and runs through the 22nd. I encourage everybody to get out and partake.”

At the conclusion of Shaffer’s remarks, the council adjourned into executive session with no explanation provided. 

The next meeting of the Summersville City Council is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, July 24. 


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