Weld raises $102K & Stuart raises $21K in Attorney General’s race 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Ryan Weld and Mike Stuart. Both Republicans. Both senators. Both lawyers. Both members of the same caucus. Both vying to the state’s next Attorney General. 

No Democrats or Independents have filed precandidacy paperwork. 

Senator Ryan Weld (R-Brook) is a former county prosecutor who currently works for the firm of Spilman, Thomas, & Battle. He also serves as majority whip in the Senate and is an Air Force veteran. 

Weld raised $102,606.20 over the last three months, in addition to a prior balance of over $8,600. His donors include: 

  • Senators Charles Trump, Tom Takubo, & Mike Maroney
  • Greyhound racing lobbyists such as Steve Sarras, Julia Ward, and Carl Tomlin, totaling $17,750
  • Rob Cornelius, former WVGOP chair
  • Bill Bayless (Texas), contributed twice the allowable amount of $5,600 in donations designated for the primary
  • James Dodrill, WV Insurance Commissioner 

Weld spent just over $11,000 on items such as signs, travel at the Hotel Lombardy in Washington, DC, a cell phone, and gasoline. 

Senator Mike Stuart (R-Kanawha) is a former US Attorney appointed by President Trump and a former WVGOP chair. He is a lawyer with the Dinsmore legal office. 

Stuart raised $21,067.68 over the last three months, in addition to a previous balance of $51,046.94. His donors include: 

  • Alvin & Marlene Moss, anti-vaccine political activists
  • West Virginians for Coal
  • Self, Stuart gave the campaign a personal $50,000 loan 

Stuart spent just over $2,600, mostly on advertising. 

Weld holds the overall advantage with $98,000 cash on hand as compared to $69,000 for Stuart.

 Visit here for our story on fundraising by candidates for governor.

Stay tuned to RealWV for campaign finance reports from all statewide offices. 


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