Pritt raises $8K & Mann raises $0 in Secretary of State’s race 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

With current Secretary of State Mac Warner running for governor, the race to determine West Virginia’s next chief elections officer, is – at least for the moment – wide open.

Two Republican candidates have filed pre-candidacy paperwork thus far–Delegate Chris Pritt (Kanawha) who is a lawyer and former Senator Kenny Mann (Monroe) who is a funeral home director. No Democrats or Independents have filed precandidacy paperwork. 

Mann’s wife, Angie, serves as his treasurer, and filed a report last week showing no financial activity. He received zero donations and spent zero dollars. 

Also filed last week was Pritt’s financial report. Pritt, who serves as his own treasurer, showed contributions of $7,225 to add to an existing balance of $1,000. His donors include: 

  • Larry Swann, lobbyist
  • Marlene Moss, political activist 
  • Ed Gaunch, former Senator and Secretary of Commerce 

Pritt’s only expenses were  bank fees, leaving him more than $8,000 cash on hand. 

Current Secretary of State Mac Warner has raised over $300,000 in his bid to become governor, with four other candidates outraising him. Three candidates have $1 million or more cash on hand, while Warner has less than $200,000. 

Precandidates are not required to run for the office they are currently seeking. “Precandidacy” is a process that allows candidates to raise funds in advance of an election cycle. Warner could, for example, choose to run for reelection at the beginning of the formal candidacy period in January. 

Visit here for our story on fundraising by candidates for governor and candidates for attorney general.

Stay tuned to RealWV for campaign finance reports from all statewide offices. 


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