Chambers officially appointed head of West Virginia State Police

By RealWV Staff,

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Jim Justice, during a media-briefing on Wednesday, announced the “official” and permanent appointment of Jack Chambers as full-time superintendent of the West Virginia State Police. Chambers had been serving in an interim-capacity since the resignation of former superintendent Jan Cahill on March 20.  

Speaking briefly, Chambers addressed several topics, beginning with upgrades at the State Police Academy.

“We’re in the process of replacing the camera system with 60 top-of-the-line cameras in all the common areas,” Chambers said. “We’ve made some staff changes at the State Police Academy, and there’s been a curriculum adjustment to provide a better educational environment and retention of knowledge.”

Chambers also mentioned the recent “memorandum of understanding” with West Virginia University (WVU) regarding credit-hours for state police cadets, adding, “That’s a big accomplishment.”

“We’ve upgraded our female barracks with in-house female staff members,” Chambers said. “We actually have a full-time female sergeant at the academy.”

Regarding further changes implemented during Chamber’s tenure as interim superintendent, he said, “First-line supervisor (now) has to approve any hours worked no matter what your rank is.”

“During this time, I’ve also arranged with our friends from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) to teach a civil rights class, and the seriousness of acting under the color of law,” Chambers continued, before adding that the employment of four troopers had been terminated during his time in position. 

“(They) were failing to meet the standards and expectations of the State Police,” Chambers explained. 

Chambers also advised that the State Police’s “hidden camera” controversy is “currently the subject of federal and internal investigations.”

“Both of those (investigations) are in action now, and are active,” Chambers added, before taking questions from reporters. 

The full media-briefing can be viewed below.


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