Miller’s Haunted Farm adds ‘Miscellaneous Monstrosities’ to upcoming season

By Matthew Young, RealWV

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – It can be difficult to think about just how close we are to the chilly winds of autumn while we’re sweating through the dog days of summer. Nonetheless, hoodies and flannels are waiting for us just around the corner. 

Today is July 24, which means that there are exactly 99 days left until Halloween. Will things ever be the same again? It’s the final countdown… 

But if there’s only 99 more days until Halloween, that means there are but 67 nights remaining before the team at Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm open their gates for the 2023 haunting season. And with a newly-designed Miller’s Manor, expanded food service building, and two all new escape rooms for brave souls to test their wits, 2023 promises to be Miller’s best year yet

Aside from thrilling new adventures and shorter snack lines, Miller’s is making another addition to the farm – one unlike any of their previous offerings.

“We’re adding a merchandise shop,” Miller’s Farm’s Berkley Miller said on Friday. “We’ve decided on the name ‘Miller’s Miscellaneous Monstrosities.’ We’ll be selling all sorts of Halloween paraphernalia.” 

According to Miller, among the available “miscellaneous monstrosities” will be t-shirts, sweatshirts, and cold-weather hats. 

“We’re still finding other items to sell also,” Miller added. “It won’t be just souvenir stuff, it’ll be all different kinds of Halloween-related stuff.”

With the enhancements being made at the farm, Miller expects a larger seasonal workforce than in previous years. 

“This year I’m anticipating total employment will be around 80 people,” Miller said, noting that this represents a nearly 12% staffing increase over 2022. “The application is online now for people to apply.”

Miller added that his team plans to begin moving forward with the candidate hiring-process in mid-August. For more information about Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm – including ticket prices, schedule, and directions – or to apply to work at the haunt for the 2023 season, visit


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