Seneca Rocks: A Tale of Adventure and Wonder

By Jonathan Eggleston for RealWV,

As I set out on a remarkable expedition to Seneca Rocks, WV, alongside my buddy Dave Green, the excitement and anticipation filled the air. 

Our mission: to capture the beauty of Seneca Rocks and witness the Milky Way rising over its majestic formation.

Seneca Rocks rises above the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River in Pendleton County, West Virginia.

The journey began with a pleasant hike up the switchback trail to the summit and was nothing short of delightful. 

The well-marked path wound its way through the enchanting landscape, and within just 45 minutes, we found ourselves at the top. 

Seneca Rocks, a geological wonder, holds a history that spans thousands of years. 

Formed over 440 million years ago, these towering quartzite fins, soaring nearly 900 feet, have long been a focal point of fascination for Native American tribes and early settlers in the region. They held spiritual significance for these indigenous communities, and Seneca Rocks became a prominent landmark for navigation and trading routes.

In the 18th century, adventurous pioneers began exploring these towering cliffs, paving the way for the establishment of a recreational destination that would remain for generations. 

Seneca Rocks soon became a mecca for rock climbers, with enthusiasts flocking from near and far to conquer its challenging cliffs.

During the day, the weather graced us with prime conditions for photography, offering occasional snow flurries, the warm embrace of sunshine, and clouds that added drama to the scenery. 

The panoramic views were simply awe-inspiring; we could see snowcapped mountains stretching as far as the eye could see and lush valleys below, painting a picture-perfect showcase of nature in WV at its finest.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and darkness descended, the bitter cold began to take its toll. Yet, fueled by our passion for photography and the promise of capturing the Milky Way’s elusive beauty, we persevered.

The night sky unveiled its vast canvas of twinkling stars, and around 1:30am, the Milky Way slowly emerged in all its glory. Time seemed to stand still as I captured the magic of the moment. 

With the chilling wind as our companion, I waited patiently, embracing the thrill of witnessing this cosmic artistry.

The combination of our efforts brought forth a series of mesmerizing Milky Way shots that left me spellbound. The cold that had once seemed daunting now paled in comparison.

Seneca Rocks, with its rich history and towering fins, offered us not just a chance to embark in adventure, but also to connect with the majesty of nature. 

For many decades, it has been a haven for explorers and rock climbers seeking to conquer its iconic cliffs, yet it offers a unique allure to photographers like us – a muse that beckons us to capture its timeless beauty.

As an avid content creator, I was determined to share this unforgettable experience with the world. So, I crafted a captivating video documenting our escapades and the stunning views we encountered. You can watch it on my YouTube channel, WVAstronomy. 

It’s an opportunity for others to embark on a virtual journey with us, immersing themselves in the magic that unfolded at Seneca Rocks. 

And for those eager to delve deeper into the visual feast that this place has to offer, I made sure to present the full resolution images on my portfolio. Here, viewers can appreciate each detail, transporting you to Seneca Rocks through the lens of my camera:

In the end, our adventure to Seneca Rocks was an unforgettable experience that left us with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for the wonders of our planet. It was a journey that rekindled my love for the great outdoors, where nature’s grandeur met the marvel of the Milky Way, and where the bitter cold only served to enhance the magic that unfolded before our eyes.

Big shoutout to Dave Green, aka Dave-has-a-camera for helping me plan and conquer this project! Check out his page by clicking this link. He does great work:


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