Weekend Getaway: Richwood 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

The cost of an overnight vacation to a neighboring state or attraction can be enormous these days. Fortunately, West Virginia is filled with charming spots, perfect for an affordable and fun family trip! 

Richwood, located in Nicholas County, is one of our favorites. With my mother-in-law in town to escape the heat of a Florida summer, we loaded up the family after church on Sunday for an overnight getaway along the Cherry River. 

Boasting 13 vacation rentals on the Airbnb market, there are a variety of places to stay downtown and nearby. We opted to stay downtown in a stunning unit overlooking the historic streets. It had all the style of a modern city combined with all the charm of Richwood. 

The town offers numerous restaurants including Hole in the Wall, Oakford Diner, Sam’s Diner, Oakford Poll Hall, and The Chill Out Grill. We opted for The Whistlepunk Grill, as it was closest to our rental. We were impressed! 

Whistlepunk offers a wide menu with everything from prime rib to burgers to flatbreads. Pricing was reasonable, especially considering the high quality of the food. Our orders ranged from baked mahi mahi with spinach to grilled cheese with fresh french fries…and it was all tremendous. 

Fun fact. They have a koi fish pond on their patio which provides wonderful entertainment and educational engagement for kiddos! 

Next, we headed out to Summit Lake for a quick fishing trip. Click here for a full recap of what the lake has to offer.  

We planned to head back to The Chill Out Grill for an ice cream cone, but this sensational sunset distracted us for longer than we realized! 

The next morning, I took a run around town. With the Cherry River Festival upcoming, they were readying the carnival for kids and families. Businesses decorated their windows to welcome guests into town. The locals I spoke to were genuinely excited for the festival, as it’s a big homecoming for many folks. 

Inside the local coffee shop, Rosewood, they were busy getting gifts and t-shirts ready for the crowds. My wife went for the coffee…I went for the merch. Rosewood’s shirts are second to none!

There’s a real sense that Richwood is a town on the rebound. They’ve found a way to incorporate tourism without sacrificing local character from which other small towns can learn. 

Stay tuned to RealWV as we document other Weekend Getaways across the state, offering affordable trips the whole family can enjoy.


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