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Strong Storms Possible

By Jason Christian, Blue Weather & RealWV

We have another severe weather day today to watch for. High winds 60-70 mph are possible with a chance of a tornado along with hail and flash flooding is also possible. Nothing is set in stone though. I like what Meteorologist Spencer Atkins said on his update. 👇

OK here’s what we know about storms on Monday: there are many different model solutions… That means many different things are possible.  The most likely issue would be strong winds with strong to severe thunderstorms, and a secondary round late in the day after the daytime heating. However, we’ve seen some solutions which kill that out thanks to earlier rain, and we have seen other solutions that don’t have the early rain and really ramp up the strong storms late. It’s not a clear cut kind of day so that’s why you’re going to get a ramped-up discussion here – and anywhere else you look – about the potential for severe weather. It’s better to advise you ahead of time on the high-end of the scale and pull it back than it is to pass it over and people get caught unaware. 

Let’s just say that we need to be weather aware throughout the entire day. It looks most likely that we could see some rain early and then likely some storms late. It’s the latter storms that would likely have a stronger punch in terms of winds, and maybe even a tornado.  If that happens, we will jump in on the television and keep you advised live.  

I think Spencer did well on explaining how things could unfold and how we won’t know for sure. This cold front causing all the havoc will bring some nice mid September temps afterwards! Enjoy! 

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