Who has the best hot dogs in the Greenbrier & Meadow River Valleys? 

By RealWV staff,

If you want to start a fight in West Virginia, make people pick their favorite hot dog spots! Because of the wide variety of likes/dislikes across the state, we decided to start small. We asked readers to nominate their favorite places to get a hot dog in the Greenbrier River Valley and the Meadow River Valley, which encompasses parts of Greenbrier County, Monroe County, Summers County, Pocahontas County, and Fayette County. 

We received more than 20 nominations and placed them all in a poll on our Facebook page. After two days of voting, the Top 5 are now in the final round: 

  • The Dawg House, food truck
  • Dave’s $1 Hot Dogs, Renick
  • Jim’s Drive-In, Lewisburg
  • The Meeting Place, Alta truck stop
  • Dairy Queen, Hinton

The Dawg House

This is the new kid on the block. The Dawg House is a food truck that began operating in 2023. You will find them at every fair and festival in the region! They create hot dogs based on classic dishes like reubens, cubans, chicken cordon bleu, and more. But their most popular item is “Ebony,” a hot dog topped with ketchup, mustard, homemade chili, and homemade beer cheese. 

Dave’s $1 Hot Dogs

Talk about an underdog…that’s Dave. He doesn’t do marketing, festivals, or menus. He sells hot dogs from a portable stand for $1 with your choice of various toppings. It’s simple, and it works. His customers are intensely loyal to him. Dave’s stand is located on 219 North in the parking lot of the old Renick school just down from the post office. He’s open Wednesday-Friday for lunch. Cash only. 

Jim’s Drive-In

Jim’s is the clear frontrunner in this competition. Not only are they top of the heap now, but they have been for decades. Their drive-in located just outside downtown Lewisburg on Rt 60 West is a traffic hazard most days because of all the cars that come to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and milkshakes. They are open Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday each week from 10am-3pm. Cash only. 

The Meeting Place

Don’t let their name or their location (inside a truck stop) fool you; The Meeting Place is a top-notch restaurant that keeps folks full and happy every Wednesday-Sunday from 6am-9pm. They serve a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu of homemade items. And people love their hot dogs! They are located inside Alta Station on the Alta exit on Interstate 64 between Lewisburg and Sam Black Church. 

Dairy Queen (Hinton)

The New River runs along an old tradition in Hinton, the local Dairy Queen. With an unrivaled view and a deep nostalgia under its belt, this hot dog spot just makes you feel good. Sure, they have the soft serve, shakes, burgers, and fries that others do…but it seems to taste better perched above the banks of the mighty New River overlooking Hinton. You can stop by seven days a week from 8am-9pm along Route 20. 


Now it’s your turn to pick your favorite in a contest sponsored by Sunset Berry Farms. Head on over to www.therealwv.com and click on the poll. It’s in a big yellow box at the top of the page. Vote for your #1! The poll will end on September 14. 

More to come? 

Yes, to answer the many questions we’ve received…we will be doing more of these in the near future! Best burgers, best pizza, best chocolate chip cookies, and more. Stay tuned. 

Thanks to Sunset Berry Farm for sponsoring The Best Hot Dogs in the Valley 2023. 


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