Meet the Musicians: Tommy Prine

By RealWV staff,

Tommy Prine is the son of legendary musician John Prine, but he’s making his own way as a songwriter and performer. 

After a deeply moving performance at Healing Appalachia last year where Tommy talked about his best friend dying of an overdose, Tommy is back again this year. He has a brand new album and a year’s worth of new experiences on the road. We sat down for a quick interview with Tommy, which is available below. 

RealWV: Thanks for returning to Healing Appalachia this year! Why did you decide to come back? 

Tommy: Absolutely! Healing App is a special festival, because it makes the bridge between music and healing more tangible for one weekend and it’s an honor to be a part of that.

RealWV: Let’s talk about last year’s show. From our perspective in the audience, you could hear a pin drop. People were hanging on your every word. What was it like from your perspective?  

Tommy: It was incredible, as far as outdoor festival crowds go. You couldn’t wish for anything better than the Healing App crowd. 

RealWV: You talk about “loving someone through” their addiction. Help us understand what you mean by that? 

Tommy: Those who suffer from addiction can only find their way out by their own decision. It’s the family and friends job to love them where they are at, because if you are loved for who you are no matter how your life looks at any given moment, then I think loving yourself becomes an easier task. That’s the first step in knowing you deserve a better life.

RealWV: How can music help people heal? 

Tommy: Music is the universal language that conveys emotions in a much more acute way than any other medium. I believe music reveals the connection between us all.

RealWV: Tell us about what you’ve been up to over the past year…which seems to include releasing your first album and touring? 

Tommy: I’ve been up to A LOT. Touring and releasing my debut album have been at the forefront of my life this year and it’s been an amazing experience.

Tommy Prine will play Healing Appalachia this year on Saturday, September 23, at 5pm on the main stage. 

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