Paisley features locals in new video, delves into drug crisis

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

In a livestream from his social media today, country music star and native son Brad Paisley released two new music videos shot in West Virginia.

“Son of the Mountains” is a feel-good country song that you could easily mistake for a tourism promotional video advertising the state. It features a number of local citizens fishing, hiking, climbing, swimming, and more.

You can watch the full music video, shot on location in southern West Virginia, here:

The second video Paisley released today, “The Medicine Will”, is entirely different, as it focuses on the lives ruined by the drug epidemic in the state. Paisley wrote it along with Lee Miller, who is from Eastern Kentucky. The video simply consists of Paisley singing into a microphone while playing the song in the woods of West Virginia.

He sings, “If livin’ here doesn’t kill you, the medicine will….if the devil is in the details, then hell is in milligrams…for every family visitation, sons and daughters gone too soon…the drug store and the undertaker, the only businesses that boom.”

Speaking to Variety, Paisley explained his rationale for telling this story. “Some of the most painful and criminal things that have happened in our country to any certain group of people in the last 20 years have happened there (in West Virginia).”

You can watch “The Medicine Will” here:



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