W.Va. principal featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos this Sunday

By RealWV staff,

Principal James Marsh, of Zela Elementary School in Nicholas County, W.Va., was hard at work before students came to school on a Monday morning last spring preparing for the day ahead. At 7:16am as part of his normal routine, he unlocked a dumpster, only to have a large black bear pop out!

Marsh and the bear ran in opposite directions from each other, thankfully. After the video went viral online, it’s now being featured on a new episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos this Sunday.

Nicholas County Schools originally shared the security camera footage, and invited citizens to watch the nationally-televised show this weekend. “An exciting opportunity,” they said, “It will be a fun and entertaining show to watch.”

You can watch at 7pm this Sunday on ABC, Hulu, or www.abc.com.


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