Greenbrier County Commission approves on-call and shift differential pay for 911 Center employees

By Matthew Young, RealWV

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – The Greenbrier County Commission, on Tuesday, heard a proposal from Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Don Havens regarding the implementation of shift-differential pay for 911 Center employees who work between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. 

“[An increase of] fifty-cents would be on an evening (shift), from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m.,” Havens explained. “And then a sixty-cent increase in pay would be for the weekends. So anytime you work between 7 a.m. Friday morning and 7 a.m. Monday morning, it would be an increase of sixty-cents to the base wage of a 911 Center employee.”

With the unanimous approval of the commission, the new shift differential pay structure will take effect at the beginning of the next pay period. The differential increase will be across the board, regardless of any 911 Center employee’s current pay rate. 

Havens next proposed establishing an on-call pay structure for 911 Center employees, explaining that on-call pay would place “less burden on our folks when they’re off on their free time.”

“Secondly, (on-call pay) would encourage people to sign up and have our schedule covered,” Havens added.

The proposal would see the on-call period change from 12 to 24 hours, and pay each employee a rate of $2 per hour for every hour spent on-call. Should the employee be called into service, their hourly rate would revert to their standard rate of pay. The commission once again unanimously approved the proposal.

Moving on to other items pertaining to the county’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM), discussion of a “Motorola system upgrade” was tabled until a future meeting. Commissioners next approved the lease renewals of HSEM office space located on Industrial Park Drive at the Greenbrier Valley Airport, as well as the 911 tower site on Muddy Creek Mountain. Both approvals are pending resolution of property concerns. Lastly, commissioners unanimously approved the hiring of a new 911 dispatcher for the 911 Center.

At the conclusion of Havens’ presentation, commissioners praised his work thus far, with Commissioner Blaine Phillips noting, “You’ve done a great job since you’ve been on this. You’ve tackled a lot of things, and I think the morale is really picking up.”

In other business, the commission approved the 2022/2023 Greenbrier County Financial Statement, and signed a resolution approving the authorization of funding for the White Sulphur Springs Route 60 East sewer project. 

As explained by Commission President Tammy Tincher, “This is a resolution to approve a grant to the City of White Sulphur Springs in the amount of $2,393,000 to pay the cost of design, acquisition, construction, and equipping of the Route 60 project.”

“This is going to be out of bond sales for the renewed TIF project that was renewed last year,” Tincher added. “We do want to note that this project has already been approved last year. […] This is not a new project, this is something that’s been intended for funding all throughout. […] This is simply to meet the procedural requirements of the Public Service Commission.”

As the day’s final agenda item – consideration of the “Operation and Maintenance Agreement between the Greenbrier County Commission and Citynet pertaining to the Greenbrier County GigReady Broadband project” – had been approved during a previous special meeting of the County Commission, no further action was required.

The next regular meeting of the Greenbrier County Commission is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 24. 


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