Nettie VFD to escort body of fallen member home Thursday

By Chris Lawrence, WV MetroNews

NETTIE, W.Va. — Funeral services for a fallen Nicholas County firefighter will be held Saturday in the community of Nettie at the fire hall where he had dedicated the last two years of his life. Brody Hanna was killed Sunday in a collision with a drunken driver who was fleeing police in a stolen vehicle near Summersville.

On Thursday, Nettie Firefighter Brody Hanna will be brought home from Charleston. The procession is expected to come through Summersville between 2 and 2:30 p.m. Summersville Fire Department and Craigsville Fire Department will be setting up ladder trucks at the Starbuck Road and Power Plant Road intersection to display the flag in honor of Brody. Any department or public that wish to come and honor Brody are welcomed to attend.

“I was at home and got a phone call telling me it was one of my guys. They said it didn’t look good. I went to the hospital and was with the family when they were told he had passed. It was a gut wrencher,” said Steve Davis, Chief of the Nettie Volunteer Fire Department.

Hanna was a two year member of the fire department and according to Davis was extremely dedicated to his position. He would often seek out details to help out or look for classes he could take to increase his firefighter knowledge and skills. He was also heavily involved in the fire department’s fundraising efforts.

“He definitely was dedicated. Every fundraiser we had, when he first joined and we had bingo, he was there every Saturday night. Our other little events, he was always there,” Davis explained.

A testament to his dedication was how he died. According to Davis, Hanna happened to be in Summersville and heard about an accident not far away. Although not dispatched to the scene, he told his girlfriend he was going to go there to see if anyone needed help and if not would take the long way home. He was never able to make that long journey home since he was in a collision with suspect Dustin Young who was fleeing the accident scene in a stolen vehicle.

Young is now in jail facing an array of charges stemming from a long list of criminal activity that evening, including causing the accident which claimed Brody’s life.

Brody’s body is due to be released from the State Medical Examiner on Thursday and his fire department brothers and sisters will escort him home.

“We are sending trucks down to escort him back to Nicholas County along with other agencies,” said the Chief.

Final arrangements are being made, but services for Brody are planned Saturday at the bingo hall next door to the Nettie Fire House.

Brody’s death marks another tragedy in Nicholas County. Another member of the Nettie VFD, Travis Lawson was killed in May in a motorcycle accident. Division of Forestry firefighter Cody Mullins who was killed battling a forest fire in April was a native of Nicholas County. Their deaths came after Nicholas County Sheriff’s Deputy Tom Baker was shot and killed in the line of duty in the summer of 2022.

“Our little county has had its share of tragedy,” said Davis.


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