Monroe County Commission adopts resolution seeking to remove Jeff Jones as Sheriff

By Matthew Young, RealWV

UNION, W.Va. – The Monroe County Commission, during a Special Session on Thursday, unanimously adopted a resolution seeking the removal of Jeff Jones from his elected position as County Sheriff. 

The resolution was originally drafted in June of this year by Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Justin St. Clair, and County Clerk Jeremy Meadows, in response to allegations of misconduct made against Jones. However, as W.Va. State Police were looking into several of the allegations at that time, County Commissioners chose to refrain from taking any action against Jones until the investigation was complete. 

The allegations against Jones include improper management of the evidence room, and failing to conduct an appropriate homicide investigation associated with the Dec. 15 shooting death of a Monroe County resident. The State Police investigation culminated with Jones’ arrest on Sept. 15. Jones was charged with one count each of deceiving the Civil Service Commission, and failure to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect as a mandatory reporter, after Monroe County Deputy E. Blankenship admitted to soliciting nude photographs from a minor.

The resolution accuses Jones of seven separate counts of failing to uphold the responsibilities of his office, all pertaining to the allegations and situations noted above. 

Each listed accusation begins by stating, “Jeff Jones has demonstrated by his acts that he is incompetent to perform the essential duties of the office of Sheriff of Monroe County,” and, “Jeff Jones has neglected the duties of his office.”

Prior to the Commission’s Special Session, County Clerk Jeremy Meadows took to social media to state, “This DOES NOT mean that Sheriff Jones has been removed from office, instead this simply begins the process.” 

The “process” which Meadows referred to is a legal one. County Commissioners must now make their case in court, and a judge will make the final decision on Jones’ future as Sheriff. Jones, however, has his share of supporters. Another social media post states, “Do the people in Monroe County have a say? Jeff Jones was very good to us during the flood when others forgot about us.”

RealWV will provide updates regarding the status of Sheriff Jones as additional information becomes available. 


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