1,033 new business registrations in WV reported in October

Charleston, W.Va. – The WV Secretary of State’s Office registered 1,033 new businesses statewide during the month of October according to Secretary of State Mac Warner. 

Boone County led the state in the percentage of new business growth with a total of 12 new business registrations, a 1.84% increase. The Secretary of State’s Business Division reported that Calhoun, Mercer, Mason and Jackson Counties also experienced notable growth during the month. 

Top five counties in new business growth:

1. Boone County – 1.84% growth.

2. Calhoun County – 1.71% growth.

3. Mercer County – 1.55% growth.

4. Mason County – 1.55% growth.

5. Jackson County – 1.54% growth.

Counties that lead the state in total businesses registered in October include Kanawha, Monongalia, Berkeley, Jefferson and Harrison.

Top five counties in total businesses registered:

1. Kanawha County – 133 new registrations.

2. Monongalia County – 81 new registrations.

3. Berkeley County – 75 new registrations.

4. Jefferson County – 57 new registrations.

5. Harrison County – 55 new registrations.

Statewide, West Virginia registered 13,948 new businesses in the previous 12-month period, from November 1, 2022, to October 31, 2023. Taylor County led all 55 counties with a 20.21% growth rate during the one-year timespan. To review county-by-county growth, visit our Business Statistics Database.


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