Dawna Griffith

Dawna Griffith is a force of nature.

As the leader of The Leivasy People’s Place, she organizes free meals for the people of Nicholas County regularly. And to see her in her element is a thing of majesty—cooking, organizing, decorating, greeting, troubleshooting, and anything else her guests need.

Thanksgiving is a time for many to gather around a common table for a home-cooked meal. But Dawna prioritizes those opportunities all year long.

The People’s Place is located in the former Leivasy Grade School located in southern Nicholas County. A nonprofit community center now run by a board of volunteers, Dawna keeps things moving. They provide free meals which bring huge crowds from across the region due to the hospitality and food quality.

Dawna and her fellow workers are all volunteers, giving back to their neighbors out of the love of their heart…& their pride in the Leivasy community.

For her spirit of generosity and relentless drive to serve others, we are proud to Dawna Griffith as the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

If you have a nominee for the award in the future, please email us at news@therealwv.com.


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