‘Christmas in Ronceverte’ will make you think you’re in a Hallmark movie

By RealWV staff,

It’s that time of year. Christmas is less than a month away! Small towns across West Virginia are making preparations, and one event in particular will make you feel like you’re smackdab in the middle of a Hallmark movie. 

“Christmas in Ronceverte” is held on Monday, December 4, from 5-7pm at 261 Locust Street. Hosted jointly by all of the area churches and held in the lawn of Ronceverte Presbyterian Church, they transform the greenspace into a winter wonderland–old fashioned bulbs, Christmas carols, pictures with Santa, and free chili you can carry with you along the way. 

For years, the churches hosted a Christmas dinner in early December, feeding hundreds of people at no charge and bringing folks from all walks of life together. COVID put a stop to that, so they decided to try something new. 

The first Monday of December always brings a huge crowd to town for the Christmas parade, with hundreds of people lining the streets. So they began offering “Christmas in Ronceverte” leading up to the parade. Every year, it has grown as word spreads about the magical moments they create. 

Here’s the full calendar of events: 

  • 5-7pm, chili and cookies
  • 5-7pm, pictures with Santa
  • 6pm, tree lighting & carols for the whole community 
  • 6:30pm, Christmas devotion by C.D. Oliver of Main Street United Methodist Church
  • 7pm, Ronceverte Christmas Parade

Everything is free of charge, as the Ronceverte Ministerial Association covers all costs. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

If you have questions, call Ronceverte Presbyterian Church at 304-647-4400.


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