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By Roger Lockridge, for RealWV

Isaac Morgan was born in Kanawha County and raised in Greenbrier County. Like many kids that grew up in the Mountain State, the holiday season embodied that feeling of home. Some of the fondest memories he has from his childhood include his uncle Bo dressing up as Santa Claus and giving presents to the kids in his family every year. Even though he found out later in childhood that Bo was in the suit, Isaac also learned how committed Bo was to the role.

“He would let me know later that he always visited with others in the neighborhood because he knew some of the families didn’t have the money to go see the mall Santa,” Isaac remembers. “He loved being Santa.”

One of Bo’s final wishes in his life was to see someone in the next generation take the mantle of Santa and carry it forward. Even though Isaac was focused on fitness, Bo still saw him as a great heir apparent.

Uncle Bo dressed as Santa regularly before eventually handing off the mantle his nephew, Isaac Morgan. Above, he’s pictured with Isaac’s grandparents.

“When he suggested that I do it, he said ‘Do it for me buddy… just once. I think you’d make a great

Isaac and another cousin would both eventually fulfill that wish. Isaac’s cousin lives in Louisiana and transforms into Santa for those that can benefit in his part of the country. Meanwhile, Isaac accepted the role on a deep and personal level.

“Before he passed, though, I was able to make my promise to him over the phone.” Isaac told him: “I’m going to do it. I’m going to get me a suit and I’m going to become Santa for you and to honor what you did for all those years.” His mom told him that Bo smiled, for the first time that day.

After Bo passed away, Isaac created a way to help others enjoy the holiday season the way he did as a kid. He even shared the tribute for others to see on Facebook under the name “To Honor Uncle Bo.” The connection to the role was one that Isaac embraced, and he’s carried it forward in the years since. He and his wife Michelle created a charity called “The Nice List,” and it has become their annual Christmas tradition.

Isaac and his wife Michelle turned Bo’s dream into a nonprofit in order to help children in their region of West Virginia at the holidays. It’s called “The Nice List.”

Every year, Isaac gets suited and booted for various organizations and events in his current home of Huntington, just as Uncle Bo did in the Lewisburg area. Among the groups he’s been involved with are Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central WV, Madison West Virginia’s All Star Wrestling, Wounded Warriors, and others.

In 2017, The Nice List became a full-fledged 501c3 nonprofit organization, and he
raises funds to donate to a cause or buys gifts for children and families so they can have a more blessed holiday season.

For 2023, Morgan’s goal is to raise $5,000 to buy sweaters, hoodies, or a blanket, and a toy for all 400 students in Spring Hill Elementary School.

“We don’t have children of our own, but if we did, this would be the school that our child would go to,” says Isaac. “So, I want to make sure the kids in our neighborhood have a better holiday season.”

Following Bo’s death, Isaac began donning the Santa suit to continue his uncle’s legacy.

As of Nov. 28, 2023, Morgan had raised around $1,000, 20 percent of his goal, and he hopes to reach his ultimate goal by Dec. 10, 2023, which would be enough time for him to receive the funds and do the shopping so the kids at Spring Hill can receive their gifts. Morgan confirmed that 100 percent of donations go towards the gifts and goal he sets every year. Neither he nor Michelle accept any money for themselves.

There are multiple ways to donate to The Nice List, including through PayPal, Venmo,
CashApp, and others. He suggested that CashApp is the fastest way to donate online, but there are more ways to contribute via his website. You can also mail a check to “The Nice List” to the address below.

The Nice List
343 S Walnut St,
Huntington, WV 25705

For more information on The Nice List or to show support for Morgan’s efforts, like “The Nice List” on Facebook.


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