Rev. Watts to speak on economic justice in Fayette County tomorrow


When: Monday, December 4, 2023 from 630-830pm

Where: WV State Baptist Headquarters, Hill Top, WV

Live Stream on WVBSC on Facebook or Matthew J. Watts on Facebook Live

For Information call: 304 237 3443

Host: Fayette Fair Share

Rev. Matthew J. Watts from Charleston will be the keynote speaker at the Fayette County, Fayette Fair Share Event on Monday, December 4, at 6:30 p.m. at the WV Baptist Center at 258 Baptist Road in Hill Top, WV. Watts will speak on the subject of “The Fierce Urgency of Now for Economic Justice in WV. Watts will provide a 25 year overview of the State of West Virginia’s indifference and insensitivity to the challenges confronting Blacks and low income Caucasian in WV as outlined in the 2003 Select Committee on Minorities Affairs Report.

This Report contained 23 Findings of Fact of challenges confronting Blacks in WV in the areas of education, employment and economic development, juvenile and adult criminal justice and health disparities. The Report also contained 36 Specific Recommendations to address these challenges. Yet the WV Legislature has refused to enact any of these recommendations despite hundreds of million dollars in federal funds during the Covid-19 Pandemic and a $1.7 billion dollars budget surplus. Furthermore; Governor Jim Justice has refused to execute legislation that has been passed.

Watts will point out that the recent revelation by the federal government that the State of West Virginia has underfunded West Virginia State University to the tune of over nearly $853 million dollars over the past 30 plus years makes the State’s indifference even more egregious. Because WVSU as a 1890 Land Grant institution has a specific responsibility to assist local communities in addressing their challenges. The State’s underfunding of WVSU severely limited and restricted WVSU’s capacity and therefore the people and communities have suffered, says Watts.

Topic: “The Fierce Urgency of Now” For the  Economic Justice, Fairness and Equity Movement

For live stream go to WVBSC on Facebook or Matthew J. Watts on Facebook
For information call 304 237-3443


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