Toby McMahan

As the Parent Resource Coordinator for Mountain View Elementary & Middle School in Monroe County, Toby McMahan does a little bit of everything…and everyone knows she’s the woman to call to get things done.

Know a family need of help? Call Toby. Trying to figure out the real story in a sensitive situation? Call Toby. Need a pick-me-up or positive encouragement? Call Toby.

Among her many efforts at connecting the dots to assist families in Monroe County, she has coordinated the Christmas giving program at Mountain View School for 20 years. The program ensures that students in need receive warm clothing, coats, and toys for Christmas.

Guess who connects the dots and makes it happen? Toby. She works countless hours to coordinate efforts with local ministerial groups and food pantries to make Christmas a special time. It’s a team effort, and local citizens point to Toby’s leadership as being key.

For her year-round efforts to bring children joy, we are happy to name Toby McMahan as the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

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