Marshall University’s Tyler Hebert to have work included in U.S. Department of Transportation publication

Marshall University engineering student and Yeager Scholar Tyler Hebert will become a published writer in the Winter 2024 issue of Public Roads, a magazine published by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

Hebert’s essay, “Intumescent Paint Protection in the Transportation Industry,” will be featured as part of a student writing competition.

Her article, recognized for its clarity and engaging style, addresses key transportation issues and proposes innovative solutions. The publication of her article in a leading magazine not only showcases her academic excellence but also highlights Marshall University’s commitment to fostering research and critical thinking among its students.

Recent transportation issues, including a bridge collapse on I-95 and subsequent fire, inspired Hebert’s essay.

“I felt it was important to write about my proposed solution of employing intumescent paint protection on essential bridge components to decrease extreme road closures from fire-related issues,” Hebert said. “Intumescent paint, which expands when exposed to heat, has the potential to decrease fire-related bridge collapses by increasing the necessary response time for first responders to combat the fire before the bridge fails entirely. Through this publication, I hope this issue gains additional exposure and is researched further to increase the reliability and resilience of our bridges across the nation.”

In a letter to Hebert, Dr. Kelly Regal, the associate administrator for Research, Development and Technology with the FHWA said Hebert’s work was impressive.

“Your article demonstrated your knowledge and understanding of the issues facing transportation today and provided a reasonable solution,” Regal said.

Public Roads is a 105-year-old publication used to highlight work done nationally. The Federal Highway Administration or FHWA has a long-standing goal to engage and support STEM students interested in pursuing careers in the transportation industry.

The Winter 2024 issue of Public Roads will be featured at the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting in January 2024, providing Hebert’s work with substantial exposure to a wide audience, including policymakers, researchers, and industry professionals.

Hebert is a civil engineering student and is expected to graduate in spring of 2024. After graduation, she will join the Airfields and Pavements Branch in the Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory at the Engineer Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi as a research civil engineer.

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