Warner among West Virginia candidates endorsed by Oil & Gas Workers Association

By Matthew Young, RealWV

Secretary of State Mac Warner is among seven West Virginia political candidates thus far endorsed by the Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA), a conservative lobbyist group which represents energy workers across the United States. 

In a statement released Tuesday, OGWA President Matt Coday said, “Oil & Gas Workers Association is proud to endorse fighters in every state who will stand up for our jobs and put American workers and families first.”

In addition to their endorsement of Warner as West Virginia’s next governor, the OGWA has issued endorsements for Joe Earley in the state’s 2nd Congressional District; Sen. Mike Stuart for W.Va. Attorney General; Economic Development Authority head and brother of Mac Warner, Kris Warner, as Secretary of State; Chris Rose and Tom Willis for State Senate; and Debbie Deweese for House of Delegates. All seven endorsed candidates are Republicans. 

“Energy security is national security,” Coday’s statement reads. “We need experienced leaders with the courage and political will to unleash America’s vast natural resources, bring back the booming economy that benefits all Americans, and strengthen our national security.”

Outside of West Virginia, notable OGWA nominations include Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, and Chip Roy of Texas. The OGWA has also publicized their support of former President Donald Trump in 2024. 

“Our USA oil and gas jobs fund roads, schools, hospitals, social programs, our military, and first responders,” Coday states. “Radical ‘environmentalists,’ misguided politicians, and hostile foreign nations intent on destroying our Republic cause higher gas prices, grocery prices, and utility bills for working families who are struggling under Bidenomics.”

The OGWA has come under fire in recent months, with former board members Wallace Dunn and Mike Cummings calling the group “a sham.”

“Shortly after being appointed to the board […] I realized it to be more of a sham than a 501(c)6, working to secure American energy jobs,” Cummings said in a statement, before referring to the OGWA as a “slush fund.”

Dunn echoed Cummings’ remarks, telling the Texas-based Odessa Headlines that the OGWA is “pretty much just a paycheck for Matt Coday.”

While the OGWA reportedly claims to have as many as 46,000 members nationwide, according to the Odessa Headlines’ continued reporting, the association may have as few as 1,300 paid members, prompting the newspaper to refer to the OGWA as “all hat and no cattle.”

RealWV will provide continual campaign coverage through West Virginia’s 2024 elections. The state’s Primary Elections are scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, with early in-person voting beginning Wednesday, May 1. 


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