West Virginia musician Adam Yokum’s ‘Gretzky’ surpasses 1 million streams on Spotify

By Joe Severino, RealWV

West Virginia music artist Adam Yokum’s newest song “Gretzky” has been streamed more than one million times since its release in mid-November.

 “Gretzky” has been collected nearly 1.2 million times on Spotify alone. The steady, soft harmonic track features Mike, the popular artist formerly known as Mike Stud. Mike and Yokum reflect on growth from past experiences and working toward becoming the best version of themselves. 

The hit has become popular on TikTok as well, leading millions of new people to discover the Whitmer, West Virginia native. The Real WV featured Yokum just before the release of “Gretzky,” where he spoke about having high hopes for the song. In a recent interview, Yokum said his song’s popularity is a hard-worked dream come true.

“It’s an incredible milestone. It makes me think of all the times I released a song and it didn’t even get 100 streams,” Yokum said. “I’m just happy I stuck it out when I could’ve given up at any time. For me it’s a reminder that you can really do anything that you’ve set your mind to.” 

Yokum’s recent numbers have topped around 25,000 for songs like “Right My Wrongs,” “West Virginia,” and “evergreen.” People finding Yokum’s music for the first time have increased some of those to over 50,000 streams. He said he’s been messaged by people telling him how the song has helped them through the hard days or made the good days even better.

“But above the streams, I’m more proud of all the genuine interactions I’ve had with folks who are discovering the song and discovering me,” Yokum said. “That’s really a big reason why I make music – so it can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Yokum said Mike has built a strong community of fans over his ranging career, and Mike did the heavy lifting when it came to getting eyes and ears to the song.

“I’m grateful that he was willing to share his platform with me and go out of his way to introduce his audience to who I am,” Yokum said. 

He described “Gretzky: and its style as easy on the years. He said their writing style, similar vocal ranges and other similarities in their approach were reasons that people could connect with them. Overall they were able to just mesh well, and he said their fans probably felt the same way.

As he looks toward the new year, Yokum says “a lot” more music is coming in 2024. He said if people have been enjoying what they’ve heard so far, they’re going to love what’s coming next. 

“My version of ‘better’ that I’m chasing is more about filling my soul with things that inspire me, finding value in staying present, and spending time with the people I love,” Yokum said. “For me, all of that results in making better music, and that’s really all I can control. Beyond that, I let go of the results and let the universe do what it will.”


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