Raleigh County School’s January Newsletter

Superintendent’s Corner

Attendance, it matters!

As part of our school system’s continued focus on improving school attendance, Raleigh County Schools held a special attendance incentive during the month of December. Students with perfect attendance were entered into a drawing, by school, for a $25 gift card.

It’s exciting to report that 4,279 students and their families had perfect attendance!!! This equates to 46% of our student population…way to go students and families! This also resulted in a 8% increase in student attendance when comparing December 2022 to December 2023. Let’s keep up the great work.

Schools at each programmatic level that demonstrated the most growth in attendance for this period of time:

  • Shady Spring Elementary School – 19%
  • Cranberry-Prosperity Elementary School – 15%
  • Park Middle School – 14%
  • Shady Spring Middle School – 14%
  • Shady Spring High School – 19$
  • Independence High School – 7%

Schools at each programmatic level with the greatest percentage of perfect attendance in December 2023:

  • Stratton Elementary School – 57%
  • Crescent Elementary School – 56%
  • Park Middle School – 43%
  • Shady Spring Middle School – 41%
  • Shady Spring High School – 63%
  • Woodrow Wilson High School – 44%


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