Tourism Day recognizes WV as a ‘top-tier travel destination’

By Jonathan Eggleston, RealWV

In a celebration of our state’s rich cultural heritage and scenic wonders, West Virginia Tourism Day took center stage at the Capitol in Charleston on Monday. This annual event aims to showcase the diverse attractions that make the Mountain State a unique destination for travelers.

WV Tourism Day is a vibrant gathering that brings together local businesses, tourism organizations, and enthusiasts to promote West Virginia as a premier tourist destination. The event serves as a platform for showcasing the state’s natural beauty, outdoor adventures, historical sites, and cultural offerings.

The primary goal of this event is to boost awareness and appreciation for the state’s tourism industry. From the picturesque landscapes of the New River Gorge to the historical charm of Harpers Ferry, the event highlights the many experiences awaiting visitors within West Virginia. This year there are some very cool things to get excited about! 

Attendees had the opportunity to explore awesome exhibits, learn about upcoming events, and connect with tourism professionals who shared insights on planning memorable trips throughout our home state. Additionally, local artisans and vendors showcased their products, providing a taste of the unique crafts and flavors that define West Virginia.

One of the key reasons behind organizing WV Tourism Day is to stimulate economic growth within the state. Tourism plays an important role in West Virginia’s economy, contributing significantly to job creation and supporting local businesses. By promoting the diverse attractions within the state, organizers hope to attract more visitors and boost tourism-related revenue.

West Virginia’s New Non-profit Astrophotography Association offers tourist a unique guide for photographing the precious dark skies of West Virginia in a new way, falling right in suit with WV dark sky awareness!

Curated Wonder exhibit, showcasing their new Exploring WV Adventure kits for anyone planning on visiting WV. Explore different areas of WV through these unique kits,  highlighting West Virginia’s many charming features

As visitors meandered through the Capitol grounds, they were treated to music, culinary delights, and opportunities to interact with representatives from different regions of West Virginia. 

The event fostered a sense of community and pride among West Virginians, encouraging them to share their stories and encourage others to explore the wonders of their home state.

West Virginia Tourism Day serves as a reminder that the Mountain State is not only a destination for outdoor enthusiasts but also a haven for those seeking cultural experiences and warm hospitality. The event’s success lies in its ability to bring together communities, promote local businesses, and showcase West Virginia as a top-tier travel destination



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