Blankenship files to run for U.S. Senate


Today I registered my candidacy for West Virginia’s open U.S. Senate seat. 

Many will be surprised that I registered as a Democrat.  I admit that I am not a Washington, DC Democrat. This fact is exactly why I expect West Virginia Democrats and Independents will vote for me and help me begin the process of returning the Democrat Party and America to sensible, moral and pro-American policy.  

We will work hard to return the Democrat Party positions to those that help West Virginians, and all Americans and that comply with common sense and our core beliefs.  We will stop supporting policy which is advanced by west coast freaks and DC crazies.

Here is my main message—both major political parties are corrupt organizations. Corrupt organizations that are in the process of destroying America for their own personal benefit.  The Democrat Party leadership’s positions are the polar opposite of West Virginians’ positions and violate most every West Virginians’ core beliefs. It is obvious that West Virginia Democrats have far more in common with me than they do with DC Democrat Party leaders or my opponents who continually support the DC crazies.  

West Virginia Democrats must take note that D.C. Democrats do not even want to let Robert Kennedy, Jr on the Democrat Primary ballot.  West Virginia Democrats and I believe it is ridiculous to deny anyone, particularly a Kennedy family member, a place on the ballot.

There are dozens more issues about which West Virginia Democrats agree with me and not their Party.   Among them are these:

I and West Virginia Democrats (WE) oppose illegal immigration, the national Democrat Party clearly does not oppose illegal immigration and allows millions of illegals to cross our southern border taking health and welfare benefits from our  elderly and jobs from our youth.

We are gravely concerned about massive drug addiction and drug related deaths, the Democrat Party is clearly not gravely concerned.  Since I last ran for the Senate in 2018 over 500,000 Americans have died as a result of drug overdoses.

We in West Virginia are very concerned about our dependence on China for our prescription drugs but the Democrat Party leaders are clearly not concerned and so today 90 percent of our prescriptions are filled by China.

We are concerned about corruption in the U.S. Senate and in the U.S. Supreme Court. DC Democrats clearly are not concerned about corruption in DC because they are participants in that corruption.

We are all concerned about our democracy and fair elections, the DC Democrat Party is clearly not concerned.  Denying Kennedy a place on the ballot makes that abundantly clear.

We do not believe West Virginia children should have to score higher on college entrance exams than minorities or illegals from Mexico, China, or anyplace else in order to gain acceptance to college.  Democrat Party Leaders clearly favor West Virginia children being disadvantaged in terms of college admissions and job opportunities.  West Virginia Democrats will no longer support disadvantaging their own children and grandchildren. 

Seventy three percent of West Virginia Democrats believe U.S. Senators are corrupt.  I one hundred percent know that U.S. Senators are corrupt, with Mitch McConnell leading the pack.  If West Virginia Democrats do not choose me as their candidate it is 100 percent certain that West Virginia will send another McConnell bought and paid for Republican to the Senate.    A Democrat vote for me is a vote against McConnell and his pro China, anti America, anti West Virginia agenda.

Most importantly West Virginia Democrats and I agree that corrupt politicians and the loss of our democracy are causing the rapid downfall of America.   And we agree that political party leaders are the criminals causing that downfall.   Together we can stop the downfall of America.  But we cannot stop the downfall by agreeing with and supporting the national Democrat Party leadership.

Every vote for me will send a message to DC that all West Virginians know there are only two genders, illegal is illegal, Christian beliefs must not be abandoned by America, Kennedy should be allowed on the ballot, we do not want to be dependent on China, drugs are killing our young people, and transgender men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports or pee in little girl’s bathrooms.

Most of us understand that something has to change in DC.  I have a record of making changes in West Virginia that all of its citizens have been enjoying over the last decade. I was foremost responsible for eliminating your food tax; foremost responsible for controlling your insurance costs, foremost responsible for the state being able to give teachers raises and fully fund their pension plan, and almost entirely responsible for creating a more just legal system.   Simply put  I led the Republican Party resurgence in West Virginia which has led to more jobs and fewer  taxes.

What I did for the Republican Party and West Virginia I can do for the Democrat Party and for all Americans.   To do so, the Democrat Party must return to moral based policy, putting America back on track, fighting against rather than participating in corruption and stop supporting national Democrat Party demagoguery.   

My promise to all Democrats is that if you vote for me I will carry the message to DC Democrats that you are Americans first and not Democrats first.   As West Virginia Democrats, you can lead the return of your Party to a moral and rightful place in our country and your country to a moral and rightful place in the world.

 Let’s do it!


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