Hilltop Acres wins Greenbrier County Outstanding Grassland Farm

Hilltop Acres, owned by Bob and Kathy Martin of Smoot, has been named the 2023 Greenbrier County Outstanding Grassland Farm. The farm is approximately 150 acres, with 80 acres of open grassland. It is located on Hundley Road, which splits the farm and was built before US 60.

The farm was divided into two farms  in the early 20th century, but Bob’s parents bought 35 acres after World War II and an additional five acres in 1960, putting the original farm back together.  

Bob is focused on retaining grass on the steeper hillside pastures and balancing  conservation with production. The farm is used to produce grass and raise beef cattle. Assistance from Greenbrier Valley Conservation District programs and NRCS has been instrumental in the  development of water resources on the farm. Two wells have been drilled for livestock, five springs have been developed, and a pond was built in 2017. The  farm also has nine troughs fed by various water sources.  

Bob aims to stock cow/calf pairs at a ratio of one pair per three to four acres,  prioritizing having enough grass for the cattle.


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