Blankenship responds to Democrats displeasure at his Senate candidacy


The Press and the Democrat Party commented on my entry into the West Virginia Senate race exactly as expected— very falsely and very negatively. 

Dim Democrat Pushkin said, speaking of me, that I “don’t represent Democratic values.” I am not sure by Democratic if he meant Democratic or Democrat, but I am sure Kennedy being refused a chance to compete for the Democrat nomination for President is not Democratic and so the Democrat Party itself does not represent Democratic values.

Dim Pushkin also said “Don has been struggling to be relevant.”  How funny is that?  I have single-handedly been more relevant to West Virginia politics than the entire Democrat Party for the past two decades.

Dim Pushkin went on to say, “the Democrat(ic) Party will work to improve the quality of life for all West Virginians.” He seems totally oblivious to the fact that the Democrat Party hasn’t improved the quality of life in West Virginia at all for decades.

“Dim” also says the Party is focused on improving mine safety.  Let me take this opportunity to be clear again, the Democrat controlled U.S. government under President Obama, and during their “War on American Coal”, and with the assistance of former UMWA executives, caused the UBB explosion.  Dim Pushkin and the Corrupt Press will never tell the UBB truth. That truth being, “the government caused the mine explosion and the deaths of twenty nine miners and they admitted doing so in their UBB investigation report and at my trial.”  The Press or Democrat politicians spreading government propaganda will not change that truth.    

The never ending Press and government false propaganda are greatly what this campaign is about.  We live in a country whose Supreme Court has legalized defamation of non-incumbent candidates for public office.   Any candidate for a federal office that tells the truth can legally be called a pedophile, a convicted felon, or worse—and it’s legal.    Therefore winning an election in America is next to impossible unless the Press and the political party leaders want you to win.  

Pushkin clearly speaks the national Democrat Party leader’s rhetoric.  How many more thousands of Americans and West Virginians have to die before he hears and speaks about my message that the drug epidemic has to be ended.  

“Dimwit Pushkin, we have to end the drug epidemic before it kills another million Americans.”  Nearly every West Virginian has been effected by the government’s support of the drug epidemic.  Yet, Pushkin does not cite drug addiction as a focus of the Democrat Party.


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