Furrow Family Farm awarded Monroe County Farm of the Year

The Furrow Family Farm in Waiteville, West Virginia has been named the 2023 Greenbrier Valley Conservation District Monroe County Farm of the Year. The farm has been in  operation since at least 1842 and is currently owned and operated by John  David Furrow, with assistance from Betty J. Pullig, Brennan Taylour Furrow, and Matt and Amanda Reynolds.

The farm has a herd of approximately 100 cattle,  mainly Angus, Charolais, Charolais/Angus cross, and Belted Galloways. They also have a flock of purebred Border Cheviot sheep and several llamas and Anatolian  Shepherd dogs for livestock protection. The farm has implemented various conservation efforts, including installing water troughs, fences, and exclusion  areas to improve water quality in Potts Creek and protect the endangered James River Spiny mussel. They have also planted trees and are enrolled in  conservation programs to continue improving the farm.

The Furrow Family Farm  is planning to put the farm into a perpetual conservation easement and  purchase additional acres for further conservation efforts.


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