In letter to Pres. Biden, West Virginia Attorney General speaks out regarding standoff at Texas border


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey on Monday urged President Joe Biden to allow Texas’s efforts to secure portions of the U.S. border with Mexico to continue.

The Attorney General penned a letter to the President, saying his administration has failed miserably on immigration.

“This administration’s approach is callous and continues to endanger the lives of millions of Americans—there’s no excuse for the lack of security. Gov. Greg Abbott is just doing his job protecting the citizens of Texas,” Attorney General Morrisey said, writing in the letter, “Because you cannot or will not meet your responsibility to protect our nation, I urge you to at least support—rather than obstruct—the State of Texas’s efforts to fill the void.”

Attorney General Morrisey also pointed out the problems brought about by Biden’s open-border policy such as human trafficking and the fentanyl coming into the U.S.

“It’s a matter of national security,” the Attorney General added. “Here you have the fentanyl coming from China and being pedaled through the southern border, human trafficking, and the potential of terrorists infiltrating the country.”

“These drugs are flowing into the heartland from across the southern border.”

Attorney General Morrisey urged Biden to work with the states to resolve the problem, asking the President, “How many of our people must die from foreign-sourced drugs before your administration gets serious about meeting its obligation to secure our borders?”

“When will enough be enough?”

The Attorney General also joined a separate letter—signed by 25 other attorneys general, the president of the Arizona State Senate and the speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives—raising other concerns with Biden’s failed border policy.

Read a copy of Attorney General Morrisey’s letter here.


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