Best chocolate chip cookie in West Virginia?

By RealWV staff,

In the dark days of winter, we all need a little extra joy in our lives. So we here at RealWV thought it would be a great time to find the BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES in West Virginia!

We’ve done several food contests so far, but limited them to specific geographic areas of the state. That all changes with Cookie Monster’s best friends. This contest is statewide!

Do you like your cookies chewy or crunchy? Made with brown sugar or regular sugar? More chips or less chips? Underdone or overdone? These are truly life’s most important questions.

Here’s how the contest will work. 1) Visit our Facebook page to nominate your favorite chocolate chip cookies. 2) All those nominees will go into a poll on our social media next Monday. 3) The top five from the poll will make it to the final round.

Your nominations and votes will determine the winners. So don’t gripe and complain later about who got nominated and who didn’t, about who won and who lost! Get busy now, making your nominations on Wednesday and then voting come Monday.

As with all of our contests, national chains aren’t eligible to participate. Only West Virginia businesses!

Questions? Email us at

Tootsie’s in White Sulphur Springs serves a mean cookie. They will certainly be in the running for THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE IN WV! Photo by RealWV.

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