Scott Dempsey announced as new Chief of Charleston Police Department, Jason Webb to serve as Deputy

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin, on Friday, announced that Scott Dempsey will serve as the new Chief of Police for the Charleston Police Department.

“For the past six months—I have taken my time to do research and put in place robust processes to ensure we have someone with the right skills, experience, and values to fill the critical role of Chief of Police. As I interviewed applicants, I considered the future of the Charleston Police Department – I wanted to make sure our new Chief of Police would work well with our officers and with our community,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. “I look forward to working with Chief Dempsey and Deputy Chief Webb as they lead the Department forward – with a keen focus on recruitment, accountability, and transparency.”   

Dempsey has served on the Charleston Police Department for more than 23 years – most recently serving as interim Chief of Police and previously serving as Deputy Chief of Police (2020-2023), the Warrants Division Commander, Housing Liaison Officer, Information Services Commander, Chief Firearms Instructor, Detective in the Criminal Investigation Division, along with various temporary assignments throughout his career.  Dempsey is a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor in the State of West Virginia and is certified in homicide investigations, property investigations, fraud investigations, leadership techniques, and community service. Dempsey has been recognized for his work with CPD by several Federal Law Enforcement Agencies for his investigative work along with State and Federal Prosecutor Offices for many successful prosecutions. Dempsey serves as the current Vice President of the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association. A graduate of West Virginia State University, Dempsey has a bachelor’s degree with a criminal justice emphasis.

“It has been an honor and privilege to work alongside the men and women of the Charleston Police Department for more than two decades,” said Chief of Police Scott Dempsey.  “I am truly grateful and humbled to serve with our officers as the Chief of Police and I am committed to our continued efforts to ensure the well-being of our community through robust public safety initiatives and to build lasting relationships with those who live, work, and visit our Capital City.”

Jason Webb – who has served on the Charleston Police Department for more than 18 years – will serve as Deputy Chief of Police for the Charleston Police Department. Webb most recently served as Commander MDENT and SWAT and previously served as the Public Services Division Commander, Patrol District Supervisor, Criminal Investigative Division Detective, within the Accident Investigation Bureau, and as a Patrol Officer. Webb’s other assignments have included DIVE team member (2008-2009), SWAT team member (since 2009), SWAT sniper team member (since 2014), firearms instructor (since 2015), and field training officer/supervisor (Since 2008). Webb has been recognized as an Officer of the Year nominee for the Criminal Investigative Division (2012) and the U.S. Attorney Southern District Outstanding Drug Trafficking Cases Award for Excellence in Pursuit of Justice (twice) in 2023.  

“I am excited to take this next step in my law enforcement career and to continue the Department’s efforts to foster positive working relationships with members of our community,” said Deputy Chief Jason Webb. “I am truly grateful to Chief Dempsey and Mayor Goodwin for considering me for this leadership position and I’m thrilled about the opportunity to serve our Capital City and its citizens in a new and meaningful way.”

Mayor Goodwin announced on December 15, 2023, that the application to fill the Chief of Police vacancy with the Charleston Police Department was available online through January 15, 2024.  Twenty-seven applications were received – eight internal applications and 19 external applications, which included 10 out-of-state applicants and 9 in-state applicants. Interviews took place in January and February.


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